Sensory Insights conducts research on all elements of the consumer product experience.

Concepts: the concept, brand, advertising, price-point, packaging, etc must entice the consumer to try the product. By precisely measuring the consumer's reaction to these elements, we gauge the potential for a new product to generate trial purchase.

Packaging: the pack is typically the consumer’s first physical encounter with the product. It is important that the packaging is appealing, that it clearly expresses the product and brand, that it is suitable to the product and brand, and that its functionality is acceptable.

Products: Our key focus is on measuring the consumer’s experience of the product.

  • Consumer hedonics
  • Sensory profiling
  • New product development
  • Product optimisation
  • Effects of ingredient or process changes
  • Category audit, competitive benchmarking
  • Preference testing
  • In home tests
  • Pricing
  • Synergy of the product with concept, brand, packaging, etc
  • And any other aspect of the consumer’s experience

Statistical analysis: we apply relevant statistical analyses to the methods employed, and where relevant apply sophisticated analyses to unlock the underlying meaning in data sets. We have comprehensive statistical knowledge and experience, including rudimentary techniques (eg t-test, ANOVA, binomial, chi-square, correlation), to multivariate techniques (eg regression, PCA, segmentation/clustering, MANOVA), to tailored techniques such as Penalty Analysis and TURF.

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